This year ARYS began using SEAQUAL® YARN in some of its products, including the T-shirts TRUSTFUL TEE and TOYING TEE. We use SEAQUAL® YARN in combination with organic cotton to provide you with garments that not only look, but also feel good.

The term SEAQUAL INITIATIVE originated in a Spanish initiative that aims to rid the oceans of debris. Involving NGOs, fishermen, researchers, scientists, governments and private stakeholders, the initiative was able to establish a complex network of partners. Starting off with 1500 fishermen and over 400 fishing boats, the network now incorporates the entire textile value chain.


Each year approximately 8 million tons of garbage end up in our oceans. It is estimated that more than half of that debris sinks to the bottom of the sea. SEAQUAL INITIATIVE helps create new products from that waste. One kilogram of plastic waste equals one kilogram of SEAQUAL® YARN. In our case, that produces a 100 percent recycled yarn of highest polyester quality, which is used to make our clothes.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE not only actively contributes to reducing the waste in our oceans, but also positively influences the ecological footprint. The textile production requires up to 40 percent less water and up to 50 percent less energy than conventional manufacturing. According to the Textile Network, CO2 emissions can even be reduced by 60 percent.

Hence we’ve finally found a solution that counteracts water pollution, and at the same time we are able to offer you a sustainable product.