A jacket made of garbage? That does sound bizarre. Find out why we’re proud of it and what that really means right here.

We at ARYS have set ourselves the goal of finding sustainable solutions and alternatives for our fabrics and also finishes in addition to the high quality fabrics from Europe. In addition to recycled materials from marine waste, we also use processed waste in our winter jackets.

For the padding of our vests and coats we use a filling – the so-called padding – made of recycled PET bottles, which was developed by the German company Freudenberg Performance Materials. With this we have found an innovative alternative to down.


The padding is made up of a conglomerate of fiber balls, creating a porous structure. This structure ensures high insulation and effective thermal regulation. This also opens us up to novel opportunities in our designs, which we incorporate into our elegant and futuristic shapes. Because the padding is very light this also makes the overall weight of the coat very light. In addition, the coat is very breathable and washable.

Would you have thought that garbage could have such a huge added value? Just visit us in one of our shops or online to see for yourself.