Rain jackets – Actually, they are an absolute MUST in the closet and yet often frowned upon. They are usually perceived as simple clothes with little design. Just typical outdoor…


At ARYS we have set ourselves the task of taking rain jackets to a whole new level. After all, in addition to waterproofness, novel fabrics and technologies offer much more than just protection against rain. Especially in the last few years a lot has happened in the industry.

The Prime Parka (left) is equipped with c_change membrane

A highlight from Schoeller is, for example, the c_change® membrane. At higher temperatures or during sports activities, the polymer structure of the c_change® membrane opens in response to the correspondingly intense moisture development. Excess heat and moisture can escape to the outside air. In the cold, or at times of low activity, the membrane remains closed. As a result of the lower moisture development, the polymer structure contracts and keeps the heat close to the body. Shivering or chilling are effectively prevented. c_change® always ensures the optimum body climate. The membrane adapts to the conditions as it is highly breathable, and carries away moisture and excessive heat. In addition, it offers ideal heat retention depending on the situation. Being windproof and waterproof, c_change® protects the wearer in all kinds of weather and has been tested under extreme conditions in practice.


Our raincoats are produced in a small, high-quality factory north of Porto, Portugal. The manufacturer is specialized in the robust processing of workwear, e.g. firefighter’s clothing. For us the perfect partner to guarantee the durability of our products.


The symbiosis of these unique materials with the typical ARYS design makes our jackets to durable, functional and robust items. Details like useful pockets and shouler straps complete the style perfectly.