On average, every German purchases 40 to 70 items of clothing per year. An enormous amount that draws attention to and is an indicator of how much “fast fashion,” among other factors, has impacted our consumption patterns over the past few years. Especially the low prices seduce us into buying yet another beige sweater or pair of green trousers on our shopping stroll – knowing full well that they will probably get lost in the abyss of our wardrobes.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the appreciation for clothing is declining. Manufacturers no longer view fashion as an intricate handcraft, but frankly, as the mass-production of disposable products.

Nevertheless, we all have a handful of favorite pieces in our closets that we stoically wear throughout the seasons – regardless of any fast-paced fashion trends. But “WHY” exactly are these our favorite pieces? Is it because the weatherproof features have never failed us? Is it the brand philosophy that corresponds with our own values? Or is it the mere comfort that continues to convince us?

Since its founding, ARYS has been confronting exactly that question of WHY. ARYS stands for fashion that has a significant added value. The entire product development process is targeted toward designing all-time “favorite pieces” that become integral components of your everyday life. Our team members incorporate their own influences and experiences into every single one of our garments. We are not inspired by fleeting trends, but by your eclectic lifestyle: How do you get to work regardless of the weather? How can you make a classy appearance at your next appointment with a customer? Can you go on a date that night without having to go home to change? What will you pack for your next business trip to London?

Our aim is to meet all of your demands with just a few outfits. We keep our collections compact in order for us to devote our full attention to each of our products. This also enables us to ensure a more sustainable value chain. The question of WHY items become your favorite pieces is deeply engrained in our DNA. Only if we are able to answer that question, will we be able to guarantee, that your purchase from ARYS will also become one of your wardrobe’s favorite pieces.

Ultimately you have to decide for yourself what makes you happy. Is it a manageable amount of favorite pieces that are tailored exactly to your needs? Or is it a wardrobe that has you prepared for any trend, but is bursting at the seams and will leave you out in the cold?